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Top 10 Unmanned Security Solution Companies - 2019

The field of unmanned security is teeming with technological advancements and innovation. The technology was conceptualized to overcome the shortcomings present in human security. Unmanned devices like automated doors, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), self-driving cars, etc. are proving to be more efficient than their human counterparts. Unmanned devices are cost-efficient, tireless, and work on set parameters and thereby are unbiased as opposed to their human counterparts. They significantly reduce the number of human resources required from a few guards to just a single authorized operator. Among all the unmanned devices, applications of drones for security purposes have been pervasive.

Drone technology has not only infiltrated the field of security but has also become one of its primary assets. They provide 360-degree coverage of an area, and their intelligent analyzing activity helps detect and locate potential threats and track terrorists. Footage from drones helps government officials track insurgent groups and shut down their operations. They provide a 3D perspective to terrains during reconnaissance, showing vulnerabilities that could otherwise be missed. Security officials use drones for perimeter surveillance, as well as monitor roofs and high places. They have also known to be instrumental in emergency and relief situations like hurricanes and fires in Chicago.

However, along with benefits, Drone technology poses significant challenges as well. One of the major challenges with drones is the issue of security. Even after such advancement, drones are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They have been known to send sensitive information to rival countries. Along with data thefts, loss of control due to hacking or signal interference is also a prevalent issue. Their limited battery life can hinder even sensitive operations in crucial times. Air traffic management systems face problems being unable to distinguish between manned air vehicles and unmanned ones due to poor traffic management, especially in areas with high air traffic concentration.

Despite the challenges, the UAV industry is still growing and continuing to be incorporated in various applications. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the total number of authorized drone operators has already outnumbered the number of registered manned aircraft. Experts at Ohio University estimate that by 2020, almost 7 million small UAVs will be active in the airspace system. Debates about the implementation of DroneID are fiercely raging as it is highly crucial for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). Combining AI and machine learning with drone technology can help identify quality defects and malfunctions at much faster rates. Integration of Geographical Information System (GIS) with drones shall improve them significantly for surveillance and reconnaissance.

With so many advancements on the horizon, it becomes difficult for businesses to select the correct organization in a vast sea of solution providers to meet their unmanned security needs. To help them make a sound decision, Enterprise Security Magazine presents the Top 10 Unmanned Security Solution Providers. 

    Top Unmanned Security Solution Companies

  • Cape was founded in 2014 with a simple objective: to build software that unleashes the true potential of commercial drones. It achieved its dream through Cape Aerial Telepresence (CAT). CAT is an online cloud-based platform that allows remote control of a drone from anywhere in the world. Its user-friendliness enables users with almost zero drone-operating training to log into the platform via their devices. The platform assures both the safety of the user and the cost-effectiveness of the operation


  • Plymouth Rock Technologies (PRT), with over a century of cumulative experience, understands security screening and threat detection better than most players in the market. The company has developed exclusive Intellectual Property(IP) to address the growing challenges in security screening and threat detection space. Unlike other security service providers who still work on the somewhat obsolete X-ray scanning technologies, PRT leverages a compact, RF sensor-based UAV called Millimetre Remote Imaging from Airborne Drone (MIRIAD)


  • Skyfront is an aerospace company came to existence to defeat the challenges of poor battery life of the aerospace Industry. The company provide their long endurance and fully featured drones at an affordable cost. Skyfront’s technology enables commercial drone applications like package delivery, search and rescue missions, precision agriculture on large farms, and infrastructure inspection, which have largely been unattainable due to range and endurance limitations. With a vision to enhance the unmanned security, Skyfront is continuously competing constraints in endurance, efficiency, and safety


  • AeroVironment


    AeroVironment's is an unmanned security solution provider company, houses scientists and engineers who create innovative solutions to many difficult security, energy and infrastructure management challenges. But as remarkable as the products are, it's the actionable intelligence they provide their customers that most clearly defines them. AeroVironment’s specialized UAS delivers critical intelligence and high precision strike capabilities with unparallel flexibility and capability, that ultimately determines the difference between failure and success of a mission

  • Fortem Technologies

    Fortem Technologies

    Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, safety and security for a drone world. Fortem digitizes the airpace across venues, campuses, cities and entire regions to secure no-fly-zones autonomously. This level of airspace awareness will enable a drone economy to thrive with the implementation of drone delivery services, air taxis and more. Based in Pleasant Grove, UT, the company is privately held and backed by DCVC, Boeing, Signia Venture Partners, Mubadala Investment Company, and others. Fortem earned the fourth spot within the Transportation category, held by General Motors last year

  • Macatawa Unmanned Systems

    Macatawa Unmanned Systems

    Macatawa Unmanned is a veteran owned company working within the unmanned space since early 2016. Theyfocus on helping businesses and government agencies develop unmanned capabilities at expert levels. They ensure organizations get the products and services by understanding their constraints & limitations. The team of experts includes Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) mechanics, system operators, trainers, and integrators. With nine years developing unmanned training for the U.S. Army, three years of experience with large municipality’s development of sUAS programs, and over nine years training unmanned systems Macatawa Unmanned is a industry leader

  • Nightingale Security

    Nightingale Security

    Nightingale Security is a pioneer in Robotic Aerial Security (RAS).The RAS system is a combination of drones, base stations and software working together to provide autonomous, 24x7 physical security using real-time aerial surveillance cameras and data gathering sensors. The service is based on a monthly service fee / annual contract – Robot as a Service (RaaS). Customers don’t buy or maintain anything; Nightingale Security provides an end-to-end solution for a monthly fee over an annual contract. They also provide comprehensive, industrial Maintenance, Repair and Upgrade (MRU) support—which includes everything needed to keep the system operational

  • Oshkosh Defense

    Oshkosh Defense

    Oshkosh Defense is a leading provider of tactical wheeled vehicles and life cycle sustainment services. For decades Oshkosh has been mobilizing military and security forces around the globe by offering a full portfolio of heavy, medium, light and highly protected military vehicles to supportcustomers’ missions. In addition, Oshkosh offers advanced technologies and vehicle components such as TAK-4® independent suspension systems, TerraMax® unmanned ground vehicle solutions, Command Zone™ integrated control and diagnostics system, and ProPulse® diesel electric and on-board vehicle power solutions, to provide our customers with a technical edge as they fulfill their missions. Every Oshkosh vehicle is backed by a team of defense industry experts and complete range of sustainment and training services to optimize fleet readiness and performance

  • Planck Aerosystems

    Planck Aerosystems

    Planck Aerosystems, a technology company, develops specialized drone technology that offers the ability to operate autonomously from a moving vehicle or vessel on land or at sea. Planck Aero designs, develops, builds, and deploys advanced drone navigation solutions that unlock new opportunities and enhances capabilities for surveillance, reconnaissance, real-time situational awareness, and force protection.Planck’s computer vision and artificial intelligence are enabling the next generation of drone autonomy

  • Sensofusion


    Sensofusion, with U.S. headquarters in New York City and international headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, is the creator of AIRFENCE, a countermeasure technology designed to automatically detect, locate, track, and take over unmanned aircraft system (UAS) controls, all automatically, as well as locate operators. Sensofusion currently partners with the European Union, U.S. Marine Corps., NATO, the FAA, and the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems. The latest version of the solution known asAIRFENCE 6.0 dramatically improves and upgrades Sensofusion's capabilities to detect and safely negate dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations caused by rogue drones