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Top 10 Unmanned Security Service/Consulting Companies - 2019

Over the last decade, security technology has undoubtedly come a long way. Even though humans are still competent enough to provide security to anything from a person to an organization, they still lack in many ways. Biased judgments, negligence, tiredness, need for sleep, and wage disputes lead human security capabilities flawed. These security vulnerabilities are now mitigated by the advent of unmanned security measures and devices like automated doors, robots, and drones.

Where guards need to be paid regularly for their services, drones provide security with a one-time installment of purchasing and configuration. Eventually, they offer a highly cost-effective and more reliable security measure. Self-driving cars improve the safety of passengers significantly. Drones help in finding vulnerabilities of an area that can be missed by humans by providing a 3D perspective. Their intelligent analyzing systems have helped the government detect and track various threats like terrorists, insurgents, and other criminal activities. By integrating with weapons like machine guns and missile technology, UAVs have found a wide range of applications in military combat. Securities now use drones to monitor roofs and high places. Drones have also been resourceful in emergency relief situations, like providing aid to hurricane-stricken areas and fires of California.


Observing the increased demand for UAVs demand for security missions in present times, the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that the total number of authorized drone operators has already outnumbered the total amount of manned aircraft. As per the experts at Ohio University, $6.4 billion is spent every year for the development of drone technology. They further estimate that by 2020, approximately 7 million UAVs will be active in the airspace system

However, there are risks in relying on drones. They are still prone to cyber-attacks and have been reported to be used to send sensitive information to other countries. Due to system failure or frequency interference, one can lose control of drones. Their limited battery life also poses as one of the problems hindering their adaption on a global scale.

Despite the challenges, the future of UAV technology is expected to be promising. By integrating with AI, UAVs can analyze, track, and detect threats with the least amount of human interference. Also, integrating UAVs with Geographical Information Systems(GIS) along with LiDAR sensors should significantly improve them for reconnaissance and surveillance. Furthermore, the number of registered and certified drone operators are increasing exponentially. Debates are raging on implementing Drone ID, which would be crucial in Unmanned Traffic Monitoring (UTM). GIS data integration with drone technology also opens up new pathways to innovations in unmanned security technology.

Significant developments in UAV technology have led to an influx of unmanned security solution providers in the market, with each organization specializing in different aspects of the technology. To help business providers select the most promising vendor, Enterprise Security Magazine presents “The Top 10 Unmanned Security Service/Consulting-2019.”

    Top Unmanned Security Service/Consulting Companies

  • Based in California, CitiGlobal is a security service company serving private, commercial and industrial arena. It provides a one-stop platform for all security needs. Apart from giving manned security service, it gives unmanned security assistance by equipping enterprises with laser fencing, drones, surveillance cameras, tracking devices which have geolocation technology, remote monitoring and more. It was established in 1954 by retired policemen and since then has been providing superior services to clients. In addition to being voted as the best security company in 2017,it has also won the 2017 "Award of Excellence" from Rotary International


  • Founded in 2016 in Philippines, My Drone Services is a company that creates innovative drone solutions for expanding their clients' capabilities. They globally provide a wide range of drones, sensors, data analysis, payloads, and pilots. They offer varied UAV services such as monitoring and surveillance, drone mitigation solutions and drone deterrent services, infrastructure inspection, disaster management, surveying, mapping, search and rescue, agricultural drones, and many more for fulfilling all operational needs of enterprises. They deliver high-quality solutions quickly, safely, and at competitive rates. One of the services provided by My Drone Services includes creating an active security network leveraging its innovative drone technology. They not only offer security drones but also ensure safety against any malicious drone that may intrude and create potential harm


  • RiP USA stands for Remembrance, Innovation and Progression is a living memorial of all the soldiers, innovators, first responders, and warm hearts who have sacrificed their lives or influenced our ability to live well upon the foundation they built for us. The company leverages remote and mobile security surveillance systems, multiple formats of UAV, and other typical drone systems that one sees daily in the professional market. These multiple pieces of unmanned technologies, when combined with the well-trained forces of the company, result in a high value – high return comprehensive security package


  • The World Protection Group (WPG),the Gold Standard Executive Protection in the USA and Worldwide is a company which specializes in executive protection, corporate security, close protection training, and uniformed security. It was founded in 2001 by Kent Moyer, a respected authority on executive protection and threat management who has years ofexperience in managing threat cases for high profile corporate and individual clients. WPG works on the philosophy and techniques which are based on the U.S. Secret Service method of proactive and preventative protection. They use both manned and unmanned security in their operations to ensure the highest level of security to clients


  • ConnexiCore


    ConnexiCore is a commercial UAS Drone Services and Solutions Provider. With a nationwide network of skilled (FAA) licensed pilots across the United States we specialize in drone data collection, image, and video analysis, telepresence, and geospatial mapping. ConnexiCore creates value by delivering data efficiently and effectively through their secure cloud-based content management platform called ConnexiCore Cloud making an organization's mission, data capture, analysis, and actionable tasks extremely simple. The company's value stems from managing the entire process for their clients: from piloting the drones, analyzing the data, extracting insights from that data, and delivering measurable and actionable tasks to support decision making

  • Drone America

    Drone America

    Drone America is a Reno, Nev. based company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, selling and flying UAS's (a.k.a. drones). Drone America’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are primarily developed for disaster relief, humanitarian aid and emergency response. Drone America strives to be one of the World’s Top Providers of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles, high-tech equipment and services. Theirmission is to utilize UAS technologies as a means to survey, protect, and preserve human life and strategic resources around the Globe.Drone America has extensive experience harnessing the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to create high-performance UAS solutions

  • FlyGuys


    FlyGuys is a drone services provider and drone pilot network, improving outcomes across the drone ecosystem. They put it all together by supporting drone pilots with essential business services, while delivering high quality, consistent drone output for clients nationwide. FlyGuys and theirAffiliate Pilots generate vastly improve operational efficiency and ROI for clients. The company employs software engineers, marketing experts and a post production team, and works with a wide variety of top drone technology partners to create stunning aerial imagery and analysis. The company along with their Affiliate Pilots adhere to rigorous safety and regulatory guidelines required for commercial operators as licensed by the FAA

  • Nemean Solutions, LLC

    Nemean Solutions, LLC

    NEMEAN SOLUTIONS is a certified SBA 8(a) Economically Disadvantaged and cVe Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing advanced Computer Engineering, Software Development, Cyber Security/IT Support, Project Management, and Analytical, Scientific, Technical, and Professional Services to Federal and State Agencies supporting the Defense, Intelligence and Aerospace sectors. Nemean Solutions is proud to offer "Unbreakable Values" in terms of honesty, integrity, quality, and affordability to our nation’s Warfighters, government customers, tax-payers, and teaming partners

  • ProTect All Solutions

    ProTect All Solutions

    ProTect-All Solutions is a full service EHS and security company committed to reducing risk of injury and environmental impact by first establishing sound relationships with their clients that align with their core values and business philosophy. ProTect-All Solutions provides EHS Consulting, risk engineering, and leadership development that can reduce employee workers compensation costs, improve employee morale, increase employee awareness, and sustain company profitability. Their educated team is devoted in serving clients in a manner that incorporates and promotes the human element as the center of the EHS system

  • Zipline


    Zipline's mission is to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies. In order to achieve that mission, they've built the world's fastest and most reliable delivery drone, the world's largest autonomous logistics network, and a truly amazing team. The company designs and test theirtechnology in Half Moon Bay, California and assemble the drones and the technology that powers their distribution centers in South San Francisco. They perform extensive flight testing in Davis, California and operate distribution centers around the planet with teams of local operators